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  1. Baker Air, Inc. shall not be liable for any loss, damage, contingent liability or consequential damage to property or personal injury caused by the equipment.

  2. The full contract price shall be due and payable immediately upon the execution of the contract. (b) Where monthly or less than annual payments have been arranged for the convenience of the Customer, no prorated refunds shall be made if the contract is canceled by the customer or because of the actions of the customer, or abatement of liability for balance of payments due for any reason prior to expiration, since this is an accommodation, and Baker Air, Inc. shall be entitled to the entire contract price, plus interest at 8 percent per annum on the remaining unpaid balance from the date of default or cancellation after a 14 day latency period from said date. The Customer agrees to make all payment prescribed herein promptly when due. At the option of Baker Air, Inc. no service shall be rendered to any subscriber in default of payments.

  3. This agreement applies to the mechanical refrigeration and air conditioning & heating mechanisms enumerated on the reverse side only, and not to fixtures in which they are contained, not the hardware, ducts, plumbing, electrical wiring, casings, pans, nor to deterioration of housings, frames, or other items due to corrosion. This agreement does not include repairs made necessary as a result of fire, water, accident, negligence, acts of God, freeze-ups of water, compressors, or to any repairs or replacement if caused by the negligence or want of care of the Customer in maintaining the equipment. Baker Air, Inc. assumes no liability for delays or failures here under caused beyond its control for damages resulting from delays in performing the service hereunder for any consequential damage whatsoever. If repairs or adjustments require any alterations or additions to structure of property, the Customer will obtain written consent of the owner thereof prior to the performance of such work.

  4. Customer agrees to permit only our personnel to work on the subject equipment, unless otherwise authorized in writing.

  5. This contract shall not be valid unless duly executed by an officer or authorized representative of Baker Air, Inc.

  6. Calls resulting from failure to operate the system in accordance with the recommended procedure are not included and shall be paid for in accordance with our normal rate schedule.

  7. The Customer cannot assign or transfer this contract without the prior written consent of Baker Air, Inc. and no modifications, additions or changes may be made to this agreement except in writing, signed by the parties. This instrument contains the entire agreement between the parties hereto.

  8. Customer agrees to promptly notify Baker Air, Inc. of any unusual operating conditions of the subject equipment. Unusual conditions in this clause are to be defined as abnormal sounds coming from the system, unit(s) not running, no cooling or heat, or any other operating condition which deviates from the normal operation of the subject equipment.

  9. There will be no overtime charge on regular days if the calls are received before 2 PM of that day and take no longer than two hours to complete the actual work, after which overtime rates shall apply.

  10. The service contract customer is allowed to return the service agreement within 20 days of receiving it by mail or within 10 days of receiving it in person and receive full reimbursement less the cost of any service rendered. If no service has been rendered, the full purchase price will be refunded. A 10% penalty per month will be added to the refund if it is not made within 30 days of the return of the contract.
  11. Furnace may appear on Cooling Agreement because the drive blower is used for air conditioning. No other components in the furnace are covered under this agreement.

  12. If the equipment requires the use of water, either re-circulated or otherwise, the water used may be or become contaminated or cause corrosion. As neither the extent or nature of such contamination or corrosion can be predicted in advance, the Customer hereby releases Baker Air, Inc. from any liability on account of such contamination or corrosion or any other damages caused by the nature of the water, or water supply utilized by the customer.

  13. To ensure no lapse of service, this agreement shall renew automatically at the end of each period for the term unless written notice by either party to the other is given at least thirty (30) days before the expiration date.

  14. Excluded from service and maintenance are the following: Water supply and drain beyond the subject equipment proper, electrical service beyond the subject equipment, disconnect switch (control wiring expected), moving or relocating the subject equipment, repair due to unexpected freezing, work made necessary by the enforcement of government codes, building and union regulations. Additionally, any issues flowing from, related to, or of similar nature to the above list are also excluded from service and maintenance.
  15. Any disposable items that appear on the agreement (i.e.: filters, Spaceguards, Spaceguard filters, humidifier pads, fan belts, etc.) are for informational purposes only and not included in the agreement price.

    PLAN RENEWALS: Prior to the expiration of the seasonal period covered by the Plans, Customer will be sent a renewal notice by mail or by hand delivery, advising Customer that the plan is expiring and that if the Customer does not wish to renew the Plan, Customer must advise Baker Air, Inc. by indicating the same on the renewal notice and returning it to Baker Air, Inc. or calling Baker Air, Inc. at (516) 650-0622. If Customer does not decline coverage in a returned renewal notice or call Baker Air, Inc. within the time specified in the renewal notice, Baker Air, Inc. will invoice Customer for such renewal, the payment of which will serve to renew Customer’s Plan. Baker Air, Inc. has structured our service agreement to include service calls between the regularly scheduled maintenance stops. The benefit to you, the Customer, is that you will not be charged or billed for these visits, if they do not require a replacement part. The only instance you would be charged for the service visit would be if a part was required to repair the piece of equipment covered under the contract. Baker Air, Inc. will perform service under the service agreement Monday through Friday 8AM and 5PM. Weekends and Holidays will be billed at $75.00 per half hour. We at Baker Air, Inc. believe that this type of contract is much more beneficial to our customers. If you have any questions regarding our service agreement, please do not hesitate to call Baker Air, Inc. This service agreement does not include any labor for time spent locating refrigerant leaks.

For more information, call Baker Air at 516-650-0622 or email

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